azcIn their letter, civil society organizations state: “On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of members of the vulnerable groups and beneficiaries of the social protection system we directly represent through our work, and on behalf of the entire population of the Republic of Serbia as addressees of social rights guaranteed by ratified international instruments on the basis of the constitutional principle of social justice, we express our deep concerns over the text of the Draft Social Protection Strategy.

azcSince Monday, media have been reporting on the attempted murder of a woman in New Belgrade. In a parking lot in front of a building, D.J. (age 25) fired several shots from a gun at his wife T.J. (age 25), in front of their baby and passers-by. The victim had left him some time before and reported him for violence. He was, at that time, issued an urgent restraining order, which he respected until its expiration in April. The victim’s fear for her life is confirmed to media by her friend, who said she had been exposed to violence before, but was afraid to report it.

The Women against Violence Network and the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia pointedly condemn the lack of appropriate reaction by the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) to violence against women and children in reality programs that have been broadcast for years on TV Pink and TV Happy. We hereby request REM to issue its strictest measures against the reality programs “Parovi” (Engl: Couples) and Zadruga (Engl:Coop) with the aim of combatting violence against women and children in the media.

tanja sAt the session of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, held on June 5, 2019 in Belgrade, Autonomous Women’s Center representative Tanja Ignjatovic participated in the session titled “Violence against women: progress and challenges in Serbia”.

azcWithin the public discussion on the Draft Law on Rights of Veterans, Army Disabled Veterans and Civilian Disabled Persons of War and Members of Their Families, the Autonomous Women’s Center and Women in Black submitted comments to the competent Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Issues, requesting the recognition of survivors of sexual violence in war as civilian victims of war.

zenske org sThe Autonomous Women’s Center held a meeting with representatives of women’s organizations from the Women against Violence Network, titled Rights of women and marginalized groups in the process of the European integration of Serbia – perspectives and strategies of women’s organizations.  At a meeting in Belgrade, on June 7-8, 2019, organized in cooperation with the prEUgovor coalition, and with the support of Kvinna till Kvinna and the EU, the representatives of women’s organizations had the opportunity to learn about the current situation concerning three negation chapters relevant for women’s rights and the functioning of women’s organizations.

azc sMedia report that this morning in Novi Sad, M.J. (32) has been murdered by her husband G.J. (36), who has also murdered her mother N.P. (57) and her father B.P. (57), and that the police is searching for the suspect. Based on media reports, the murders were preceded two weeks ago by a report for domestic violence resulting in the urgent measure of a restraining order and bringing criminal charges for domestic violence. It has also been reported (without a clear time reference) that the suspect had been reported for illegal weapon possession.

azc sConsidering the announcement of legalization of surrogacy, proposed in the new Pre-draft of The Civil Code, Autonomous Women’s Centre warns the public, state institutions and members of the group working on the document, that the legalisation of surrogacy represents legalisation of serious form of exploitation of women and trafficking in children.

ne vreme za zene sThe Autonomous Women’s Center, ASTRA and Women in Black, in cooperation with BeFem, have started a campaign to promote the concluding observations of the UN CEDAW Committee. To point out the inappropriate approach of the state toward women’s rights, especially toward the CEDAW Committee’s concluding observations concerning the elimination of all forms of discrimination of women and ensuring the enjoyment of rights, we have prepared a series of video clips and visuals with relevant data. You can check the weather forecast for the lives of women in Serbia in the following days and weeks at our FB page or our Youtube channel. ?⛈?

zasto ih nema sThe Autonomous Women’s Center marked May 18 – Day of Remembrance for Women Victims of Violence with a campaign titled “Hatred creates violence“ on social networks and with a press conference organized in cooperation with other women’s organizations.