Health consequences of violence in partner relationships

This seminar is accredited (decision of the Health Council of Serbia 28.3.2011, no. A-1-689 / 16 and is valid until March 2017)

Authors of the program:

Tanja Ignjatović, Đorđe Alempijević, Bosiljka Đikanović, Olivera Mladenović
Contact person: Tanja Ignjatović
Autonomous Women's Centre, Tiršova 5a, Belgrade
011 2687 190

Program's objectives:

  • Acquiring knowledge and skills for recognizing and understanding the specifics of the phenomenon of violence in partner relationships;
  • Raising awareness and recognizing the health consequences that can occur from exposure to violence;
  • Adoption of the basic principles of communication with persons who are exposed to violence in partner relationships and identifying security risks;
  • The acquisition of basic principles and procedures in work, in accordance with a special Protocol, with a particular emphasis on the recognition of symptoms, assessment of security risks and in particular the exchange of sensitive personal data, documenting injuries, providing support to victims in a medical institution.
Program duration: one working day (6 working hours)

Maximum number of participants: 30

Quality control (external): There was no external quality control