Titti Carrano sOn Tuesday, June 27, 2023, the Autonomous Women's Center held an online expert meeting on The needs and rights of minor children and other family members after femicide. That is the second expert meeting intended for women's civil society organizations within the Strong Resistance Movement of women human rights defenders for protecting women victims/survivors of gender-based violence and their children project, funded by the European Union. Forty-six representatives of women's organizations from the countries of the Western Balkans and the European Union attended the meeting.

ostavke saopstenjeThe Network of associations of citizens, journalists and media against violence, which supports the demands of the civil protest "Serbia against violence", reminds the Minister of the Interior, Bratislav Gašić, and the director of the Security and Information Agency, Aleksandar Vulin, of the demands of citizens to resign and thus open up space for the reform of the security system that is captured by party interests does not stand in the way of widespread violence. The Autonomous Women's Center is a signatory to the statement.

predlazemoCitizens’ associations, journalists and the media demand that competent institutions urgently take concrete steps in order to fulfill the demands of citizens from the protest. For years, we have been pointing at the destructive effects of media content that promotes violence, spreads panic, misinformation, malicious content and manipulation. This kind of media scene has developed solely because the laws of this country are being flaunted systematically, and the institutions (judicial, ministries, independent bodies) do not react to the violation of valid laws and accompanying by-laws.

Pozivamo clanove REM a da podnesu ostavke sThe Autonomous Women's Center is one of the organizations for the protection of human rights that is a signatory to the call to REM members to resign. The long-term monitoring of media coverage fully justifies the demands of the citizens participating in the "Serbia against violence" protests.

otudjenje od roditeljaOn Thursday, May 11, 2023, the Autonomous Women's Center (AWC) held an expert meeting on The concept of "parental alienation" in the context of violence in an intimate partner relationship. The meeting was held online and was attended by 24 representatives of women's organizations from Serbia and the region.

strucni sastanak 11 4 2023 sOn April 11, 2023, the Autonomous Women's Center organized the presentation of the first (three-month) results of the application of the mediation model in the employment of women/victims of domestic violence in Belgrade, with the aim of expanding this practice to coordination and cooperation groups throughout Serbia.

dopis nsAt the invitation of the Committee for Constitutional Affairs and Legislation of the National Assembly, AWC submitted its views expressing regret for the manner in which the Ministry of Justice rejected the proposals of the Autonomous Women's Center on the draft Law o judges and draft Law on Public Prosecutors Office that were submitted during the public debate. Ministry of Justice proposed to the National Assembly legal solutions that are in conflict with The Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence and the National Strategy for Realizing the Rights of Victims and Witnesses of Criminal Crimes in the Republic of Serbia.

judicial lawsAs part of the public debate on draft judicial laws AWC submitted comments and proposals for amendments to the draft Law on the Organization of Courts, the Law on Judges and the Law on Public Prosecution to the Ministry of Justice.

pornografija i partnerske veze mladihAs part of the prevention program "I can choose to say NO - Love is not violence!", the Autonomous Women's Center, together with a team of peer educators, prepared and launched new workshops for young women called "Pornography & Youth Partnerships". In the previous period, 40 girls aged 15 to 26 attended online workshops, and the workshops will continue next year.

azcAutonomous Women's Center, Women in Black and Dah Theater from Belgrade, with the support of the women's association Anima from Đulići, the Mothers' Movement of the Srebrenica and Zepa enclaves from Sarajevo, the Bratunac Women's Association from Sarajevo, the Association of War Victims Foča 92-95 from Sarajevo, the Center for Women Victims of the war - Rosa, from Zagreb, the association Against Oblivion from Novska, the Peščanik Women's Association from Kruševac, the Nena Association - groups for peace and women's rights from Leskovac, the Women of Polimlje Association from Prijepolje, the Bona Fide Association from Pljevlja, gathered in the Women's Court movement - feminist approach to justice, are organizing a street action on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., in Republic Square, called "Stop the killing of women".