VISOKI SAVET TUILATVA URUAVA DOSTIGNUTI NIVO ZATITE RTAVA NASILJA U BEOGRADUThe High Prosecutorial Office made a decision on June 19th 2023 about the selection of public prosecutors and with it undermined the already achieved level of protection afforded to victims of violence in Belgrade, which is especially worrisome considering the context and timing when it’s taking place.

ostavke saopstenjeThe Network of associations of citizens, journalists and media against violence, which supports the demands of the civil protest "Serbia against violence", reminds the Minister of the Interior, Bratislav Gašić, and the director of the Security and Information Agency, Aleksandar Vulin, of the demands of citizens to resign and thus open up space for the reform of the security system that is captured by party interests does not stand in the way of widespread violence. The Autonomous Women's Center is a signatory to the statement.

szs logoAt a meeting of the Administrative Board of the Press Council an AWC Coordinator, Sanja Pavlovic, was selected to be a member of the Complaints Commission as a public representative for the coming four year period.

predlazemoCitizens’ associations, journalists and the media demand that competent institutions urgently take concrete steps in order to fulfill the demands of citizens from the protest. For years, we have been pointing at the destructive effects of media content that promotes violence, spreads panic, misinformation, malicious content and manipulation. This kind of media scene has developed solely because the laws of this country are being flaunted systematically, and the institutions (judicial, ministries, independent bodies) do not react to the violation of valid laws and accompanying by-laws.

Pozivamo clanove REM a da podnesu ostavke sThe Autonomous Women's Center is one of the organizations for the protection of human rights that is a signatory to the call to REM members to resign. The long-term monitoring of media coverage fully justifies the demands of the citizens participating in the "Serbia against violence" protests.

susreti socijalnih radnika na fpnAt the 43rd Social Workers’ Encounters entitled "Overcoming Inequality: Answers from the Theory and Practice of Social Policy and Social Welfare", organized by the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade, we participated with two announcements: on the perception of women who have experienced violence in a partner relationship and institutional relationship and response to their needs (prepared by Tanja Ignjatović, Jovana Markulić and Anja Zečević) and about the characteristics and prevention of femicide (prepared by Tanja Pavlov, Tanja Ignjatović and Vedrana Lacmanović).

zombijanaIn late May the cultural institution “Parobrod” hosted artist, illustrator, and feminist Andrijana Vesovic, better known as Zombiana. As part of her exhibit titled “Revolution, While I Smell Nice” she also organized an auction of her works and donated all of the proceeds to the Autonomous Women’s Center.

kongres psihologa 2023At the 71st Congress of Serbian Psychologists in Palić, we participated with a statement on the characteristics and prevention of femicide-suicide committed with a firearm in an intimate partner relationship. The Congress, whose name is "New horizons of (cyber) psychology", was organized by the Society of Psychologists of Serbia. The announcement was prepared by Tanja Pavlov, Tanja Ignjatović, Vedrana Lacmanović and Nada Polovina, and the research was carried out within the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project.

EU konferencija socijalnog radaAt the European Social Welfare Conference in Prague, we participated (online) in an announcement about the characteristics and prevention of femicide-suicide committed with a firearm in an intimate partner relationship. The conference entitled "Regardless of everything, a communal Europe in which no one is left out is possible!" organized by the International Federation of Social Welfare. The announcement was prepared by Vedrana Lacmanović, Tanja Pavlov and Tanja Ignjatović, and the research was carried out as part of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project.

dva i po psihijatraViolence against women is much more present than it is talked about. In the popular show Two and a half psychiatrists, Roberto Grujičić talks to Tanja Ignjatović about the problems women face, as well as how to improve the system and society itself, so that the position of women would be better.