challenges in achieving protection and support for women with the experience violence
Tanja Ignjatović
Autonomous Women’s Centre

rehabilitation and reintegration servicesAuthor:
MA Vedrana Lacmanović
Data entry and data processing:
Vedrana Lacmanović and Aleksandra Nestorov
Expert consultation:
Ph.D. Tanja Ignjatović
Autonomous Women’s Centre

draft law on gender equality
Tanja Ignjatović

Autonomous women's center
in the prEUgovor coalition

implementation sr dom violence legislationThe Advocates for Human Rights Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Autonomous Women’s Center Belgrade, Serbia

Tanja Drobnjak
Vanja Macanović
Tanja Ignjatović
Autonomous Women’s Centre

prEUgovor coalition

zastita i podrska za zeneAuthor:
Danijela Pešić

Autonomous Women’s Centre,