obrazovanjeThe Autonomous Women's Center pointed out that the Draft Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Serbia until 2030 does not refer to all laws, public policy documents and international agreements concerning gender equality, the prohibition of gender-based violence and gender discrimination, and the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights and health, which is completely unjustified and inconsistent with the policy of the Republic of Serbia.

It was explained why it is not enough to use non-violence and anti-discrimination in general in only two sub-goals, i.e., ensuring equality in exercising the right to education and access to education, but it is necessary to include them in the education system through measures, activities and indicators at all levels.

It was stated that the Strategic Plan, as well as the accompanying Action Plan for the period 2021-2023, are not developmental, and the question is whether the planned measures / activities of a developmental nature can be implemented without providing additional funds. It was pointed out that the indicators of effects and outcomes, whenever appropriate, should be disaggregated by gender, as well as the fact that the AP lacks data on finances, which is contrary to the provisions of the Law on the Planning System of the Republic of Serbia

You can see AWC comments and proposals HERE.