dan borbe protiv femicida sWith the action „Stop Killing Women!“ organized on December 6th it was marked the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, with about fifty activists from the Autonomous Women's Center, Women in Black from Belgrade, NENA - a group for peace and women's rights from Leskovac, Women's Association Anima from Djulic (Bosnia and Hercegovina), and the CURE Foundation from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina). On this day, women around the world go to the streets to commemorate the murdered women and to remind the states that they are responsible for combating and preventing crimes against women.

nedelja konsultativnih sastanaka sThe Swedish organization Kvinna till Kvinna (KtK), as part of its program with women's organizations in the Western Balkans, organized a week of consultative meetings with representatives of the European Commission (EC), Directorate General for European Neighborhood Policy and Negotiations on Enlargement (DG NEAR), European Parliament (EP), the Croatian Embassy in the EU, the European Women's Lobby and relevant non-governmental organizations.

The Autonomous Women's Center is launching a public call for the development of the concept and materials of an awareness-raising campaign to empower youth, especially girls, to stand up to cyber sexual and gender-based violence in youth intimate partner relationships.

deca sIn line with their efforts to establish an institutional system for the protection of children in Serbia that would be as adequate as possible, the Autonomous Women’s Center, ASTRA and Group 484 prepared the comments and proposals for amendments and supplements to the Draft Law on the Rights of the Child and the Protector of the Rights of the Child, submitted during the public debate to the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs.

A general comment relating to the adoption of the Law on the Rights of the Child relates primarily to the question of whether such a single law is necessary in the first place, and whether it is possible to codify all norms concerning the rights of the child in a single law.

alarm sThe prEUgovor coalition present its latest Alarm - report on Serbia’s progress in implementation of policies in the areas covered by chapters 23 (Judiciary & Fundamental Rights) and 24 (Justice, Freedom & Security) of the EU accession negotiations.
The prEUgovor Alarm’s findings point to the fact that Serbia is not doing enough in order to make progress in priority areas. The lack of dialogue in democratic institutions, primarily in the National Assembly, in the media and society in general challenges the meaning of reform efforts. Therefore, the key question that will be addressed at the conference is what needs to be done in order to improve the Rule of Law in Serbia, especially when considering lack of positive impact of the ongoing reforms, as reported in prEUgovor Alarms.

prEUgovor sThe prEUgovor coalition presents its latest Alarm – report on Serbia’s progress in implementation of policies in the areas covered by chapters 23 (Judiciary & Fundamental Rights) and 24 (Justice, Freedom & Security) of the EU accession negotiations.

The presentation of the report is scheduled for 24 October 2019, starting at 11:00, Media Centre (Terazije 3, first floor), Belgrade.

nova strategija prevencije i zastite od diskriminacije sFolowing the invitation of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs, which began the process of preparing the Strategy for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination for the period 2020-2025, the Autonomous Women's Center submitted its proposals.

ne diskriminiraj sMinistry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs, which in February 2019 without public debate submitted to the National Assembly Amendments to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination after the reaction of the Coalition Against Discrimination and the organizations that supported the request to withdraw the proposal (among which was also the Autonomous Women's Center), however, had to open a public debate on the Draft. This prevented obvious violation of the provisions of the Law on Planning System of the Republic of Serbia by the competent ministry.

The Court of Appeal in Belgrade, with the support of a court expert and a lawyer, violates the rights of the child and the rights of minors who are warranted by ratified international conventions and laws of the Republic of Serbia, because by its acquittal sends a message to anyone who has sexual relations with girls of Roma origin that they will not be held responsible.

neposvecenost rodnoj ravnopravnosti sThe first draft of the revised Action Plan for Chapter 23, on anti-discrimination policy, does not contain the CEDAW Committee recommendations that Serbia received in March this year, although this would be expected. Surprisingly, the new Action Plan for the Implementation of the Gender Equality Strategy, in the planned activities, budgets and impact assessment indicators, does not sufficiently integrate these recommendations. What does this say about the "commitment and seriousness" of state actors, read in the text by Tanja Ignjatovic from the Autonomous Women's Center, which is an integral part of the 19th issue of the rEUformator newsletter on Chapters 23 and 24.