preugovor logoThe Autonomous Women's Center, as a member of the prEUgovor coalition, submitted proposals to the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Procedure, after it gave up commenting on the provisions on which an agreement was reached between the Ministry of Justice and the Serbian Bar Association. The comments were prepared by lawyer Vanja Macanović.

Among the general comments and suggestions on the Draft Law, it was pointed out that, although in principle the novelties related to the establishment of the E-court are supported, the first piloting has been proposed (two to three years), which would allow all participants to conform, and based on this experience, consider the proposed changes and electronic submission obligations.

The omission of granting the request for exercising the right to exemption from the costs of the procedure to the parties who are entitled to free legal aid automatically was pointed out. Also, the Draft Law envisages provisions that the parties who are not entitled to free legal aid, and do not have the means to pay a lawyer, cannot fill or understand the request, and that it is necessary that these provisions contain exceptions. The position was expressed that it should be possible to submit a request for review of the finality of the court decision and the finality of the decision on the interim measure, as it used to be possible.

You can see specific proposals for amendments to the articles of the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Procedure with explanations HERE.