azc sThe Autonomous Women's Centre addressed the Ministry of Family Care and Demography, as well as the Protector of Citizens regarding the accident in Obrenovac in which two girls died. Information available to the public indicates that the responsibility, regardless of possible systemic omissions, i.e., lack of systemic support to poor and single mothers with children of preschool and early school age, is transferred exclusively to the mother of the killed girls. It is extremely inadmissible and worrying that this is being done at a time when this woman is facing such a terrible loss as the death of two girls.

Due to all the above, the Autonomous Women's Centre appealed to the competent ministries and independent institutions to create measures based on this and other similar cases, which would contribute to improving the quality of life of extremely poor families with children and protect the best interests of children.

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Updated: October 22, 2021

The Protector of Citizens' response to the AWC's address is available HERE.