socijalna zastita politikaThe Autonomous Women's Center, together with about 20 civil society organizations, participated in a meeting with the Minister of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue on social protection and social policy issues, in order to review the current situation in the field, establish a dialogue on issues of importance and topics that are priorities in the coming period.

Representatives of the civil sector presented the problems they face, emphasizing the unpreparedness of the government and the competent ministries to change the Law and new strategic documents based on data and to provide adequate financial resources for the implementation of measures and activities. It was pointed out that the issues of social protection and social policy are at the same time human rights issues, and that Serbia has been directly violating the provisions of international agreements in the field of human rights, which it has ratified, in the proposed amendments to the law.

The opinion of all representatives of civil society organizations was that in the previous period the greatest success was blocking the adoption of bad legal and strategic solutions, but that there is currently a danger that everything will be adopted without new public debates, as was done with the Law on Social Cards. In this regard, it was agreed that civil society organizations would propose to Minister Čomić topics and participants in future "social dialogues" related to social protection and social policy in Serbia.