rodna ravnopravnostAfter the working group for drafting the Law on Gender Equality accepted most of the proposals  submitted by the Autonomous Women's Center in the process of public consultations, new proposals submitted by AWC, as a member of the Coalition prEUgovor, in cooperation with Group 484 and ASTROM - Action against Trafficking in Human Beings were submitted for public discussion. The most important proposals referred to the articles that envisage the formation of an alimony fund, gender equality in the field of sexual and reproductive rights and health, and in the field of advertising.

It is proposed to clarify the position related to alimony funds, as it seems that the establishment of more alimony funds is planned. It is also proposed to add a new paragraph stating that health services in the field of family planning, pregnancy, including abortion, which is in accordance with the Law on Abortion in Health Institutions (Article 6), as well as biomedically assisted Insemination, in accordance with the principles of the Law on Biomedically Assisted Insemination, shall be provided entirely from the compulsory health insurance, without discrimination in relation to services and without discrimination in relation to personal characteristics and other characteristics of persons. In the area of ​​sexual and reproductive rights and health, amendments have been proposed that are in line with the recommendations of the 2019 CEDAW Committee Concluding Observations . In the field of public information, it was proposed to further clarify the content of the article in such a way that it would unequivocally prohibit gender discrimination in the field of advertising, i.e., for legal entities that publish advertising content and messages, or transmit information, or that provide space for publication of discriminatory content and information.

You can see the draft law on gender equality HERE.

You can see the comments and proposals of the coalition pre-agreement HERE.