zabrana diskriminacijeThe Autonomous Women's Center, in cooperation with Group 484 and ASTRA - Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, as a member of the Coalition prEUgovor, submitted comments and proposals in a public debate on the Draft Law on Prohibition of Discrimination. Bearing in mind that the working group for drafting did not accept most of the proposals made by the AWC during the public consultations on the initial bases of the law, the already submitted proposals were repeated and additionally explained, as well as new ones

Among other things, it is proposed to further specify the prohibition of discriminatory treatment in proceedings before courts and public authorities, which includes judges, to specify the article related to when the Commissioner for Protection of Equality does not act on complaints, as well as the article regulating the establishment of Deputy Commissioners. The reasons why the sanction of community service is relevant wee elaborated, in view of the fact that it was unfairly omitted as a possible sanction for violating the provisions of the law. Bearing in mind that the violation of the law is much more serious when it is committed by responsible persons who have been given public authorizations, it was pointed out that in addition to the punishment, a protective measure prohibiting the responsible person from performing certain tasks must be clearly provided. A change in the form of fines has been proposed.

You can see the draft law on amendments to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination HERE.

You can see the comments and proposals of the coalition pre-agreement HERE.