Proposal for the agenda of the National Assembly Forum for poverty reduction, to add the topics from the Strategy which are covered by the Human rights, gender equality and especially vulnerable groups paragraph.

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Women's organizations and groups, signatories of this document, at the invitation of UNDP participated in the consultation process on the priority activities in the field of gender equality in Serbia for the period up to 2008. This document contains the views of the current situation and perspectives / priorities for action and influence of women's organizations and groups, perspective on the mandates and responsibilities that should have mechanisms for gender equality, as well as the proposal of the necessary preconditions for establishment of cooperation between representatives of different sectors.

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Social welfare services in the local community and their future - lessons learned, recommendations and sustainability factors.

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In the following paragraphs we summarize some of the key policy actions of the Program of development of good practices in the field of domestic violence in 2006. Although these are volunteer activities, policy analysis, carefully monitoring of the process and advocacy of adoption and / or amendment of laws, government policies and procedures, we find them particularly important.

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Contribution to the Round Table of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia: Review of the Draft Law on Associations.

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Tanja Ignjatović and Bobana Macanović

Within the framework of the Program of development of good practices in the field of domestic violence, in addition to regular project activities, we are actively involved in the process of commenting and influencing on practical policy, especially in the field of social protection and other areas that have connections with domestic violence, violence against women and gender issues.

The whole document is available in Serbian language here.

26/12/2005, in Belgrade
To the Deputy Prime Minister's Team for implementation of the Strategy for Poverty Reduction, Ivana Aleksić, manager of the Team
Subject: Comments on the First Report of on the Implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy in Serbia

In his welcome speech, Colonel Mišič, Chief of Police, highlighted the importance of the topic of this gathering, and the fact that the numbers on domestic violence are higher than police records show. It is said that the parallel operations of preventive actions and sanctions can reduce the "dark numbers" and encourage victims to seek help.

In the welcome speech on behalf of the Director of the City Center for Social Welfare it was pointed out that the project For a life without fear is an example of a successful partnership and cooperation between the institutions and non-governmental organizations, and were expressed expectations that the cooperation will continue and expand to other seven Departments of Centers for Social Welfare , to unify the knowledge of professional workers, and the implemented activities will become a regular professional obligation.