Autonomous Women's Center has prepared amendments for the changes and additions to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia, and submitted them to the authorized nominator, the Ombudsperson. The amendment proposal was accepted by the Ombudsperson, and this initiative was delivered to the Working Group on Amendments to the Criminal Code, the Ministry of Justice.

In November 2011, Autonomous Women's Center, sent the proposal to the authorities of the City of Belgrade to amend the Decision on Amending the Decision on the Rights in the Social Protection of Belgrade with the goal of making all women victims of domestic violence equal on the territory of Belgrade in terms of social givings.

The whole document is available in Serbian language here.

Autonomous Women's Center has prepared amendments to the Draft Code of Criminal Procedure, which were handed over to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is responsible for implementing the National Strategy for Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women in the Family and in Partner Relationships whose one of the goals are Other strategic areas and changes to the penal legislation.

Autonomous Women's Center, through the Ombudsperson, submitted amendments to the Draft Law on Social Protection relating to the introduction of new services (status of parents caregivers), and the consistency of the legal provisions of the plurality of

The Government of the Republic of Serbia on March 30th 2011 adopted the First National Report on Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2008-2010, with the adopted comments of the Autonomous Women's Center.

During the round table "Together with Europe: Proposal on records of domestic violence", which was held on 16th of December 2010 at the Sava Center in Belgrade, organized by the Autonomous Women's Center, the Provincial Secretariat for Labour, Employment and Gender Equality and the Project "Fight against sexual and gender-based violence "(Gender Equality Directorate and UNDP) it was promoted the model of the central (common) on records of domestic violence and unified records on violence in the family for 8 services (police, prosecution, courts -Criminal, misdemeanor, the court the dispute of family relations; centers for social welfare; medical institutions; specialized services to support victims).

Autonomous Women's Center sent to the working group for drafting the new Criminal Procedure Code their comments on the proposed text of the Code relating to the definition of particularly vulnerable categories of victims and witnesses.

The whole document available in Serbian language here.

The Ministry of Health on April 8th, presented a draft of the Special Protocol for Protection and Treatment of Women Exposed to Violence of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia. Autonomous Women's Center has provided comments on the draft of the Special Protocol, some of which were adopted.

The whole document available in Serbian language here.

Network Women Poverty Development (50 women's organizations) has prepared comments to the Law on Amendments to the Law on games of chance, which were submitted to the Committee for Gender Equality, with the request that they submit them to the Assembly Committee because it is in accordance with their mandate.

These amendments suggest that 5% of the funds for sport renamed in the funds intended for organizations which are working to improve the status of women.

Autonomous Women's Center has done general comments on the Model of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence, whose authors are Saša Gajin, Violeta Kocic - Mitaček and Tanja Drobnjak, and which was done as a project activity of the Center for Peace and Democracy Development and was financially supported by the European Commission Delegation.