Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Initial premise of the Autonomous Women's Center is that policies, in order to fight against violence against women, at the local and national level should be consistent with international standards and good practices in this field. In accordance with the strategic goals, that the Convention of the United Nations and the Council of Europe should be implemented well by the state and that in the process of joining the European Union we must respect the human rights of women, Autonomous Women's Center consistently monitors the implementation of and advocates for a comprehensive, coherent, relevant, specific, efficient and effective national policies against violence against women.

preugovor poglavlje 23 24At a press conference, held at the Media Center on October 31st, the PrEUgovor Coalition presented their independent report on advancements made by Serbia in implementing judicial and human rights policies (Chapter 23) and justice, freedom and security policies (Chapter 24).

The report covered the time period from May to October 2016. Unfortunately, of the numerous recommendations given in this report, many are similar to those made in the previous report – seeing as very little was done in certain areas, even though the state sees it differently of course. One of the reasons for this lack of results is the fact that we had early elections that slowed the reform process, or even postponed  to some time in the future.  

More at: http://preugovor.org/en/Home (in English)