Network Women Poverty Development (50 women's organizations) has prepared comments to the Law on Amendments to the Law on games of chance, which were submitted to the Committee for Gender Equality, with the request that they submit them to the Assembly Committee because it is in accordance with their mandate.

These amendments suggest that 5% of the funds for sport renamed in the funds intended for organizations which are working to improve the status of women.

Autonomous Women's Center has done general comments on the Model of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence, whose authors are Saša Gajin, Violeta Kocic - Mitaček and Tanja Drobnjak, and which was done as a project activity of the Center for Peace and Democracy Development and was financially supported by the European Commission Delegation.

The overall objective of the (independent) monitoring of the implementation of the Concluding Comments of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women is to contribute in raising the responsibility of the Government in the implementation of gender-sensitive policies and Concluding Comments of the CEDAW Committee in the field of violence against women / domestic violence.

Adoption of the amendment that increased the penalties for the crime of domestic violence was preceded by a civil action initiated by the Autonomous Women's Center, Women's Research Center and Victimology Society of Serbia, together with the Ombudsperson and his Deputy, and supported with the signatures of more than 60 civil society organizations. Two amendments to the Criminal Code are fully. However, the Assembly has not accepted an amendment on protection against domestic violence under the Criminal Code which guarantees to all those persons who need the protection provided by the Family Law.

20 women's organizations of civil society have compiled comments to the Draft of the action plan for the implementation of the National Strategy for improving the position of women and promotion of gender equality in the Republic of Serbia (2010-2015). The comments were endorsed by 46 women's organizations.

You can take a look at the comments here.

44 women's NGOs sent an open letter to the Gender Equality Directorate in which they expressed their concerns about the attitude of the Directorate towards the women's organizations.

The letter is available in Serbian language here.

Autonomous Women's Center has done an analysis of where the money goes from the "grants to NGOs" budget line of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

The whole document available in Serbian language here.

Deputy Prime Minister's Team for Implementation of SPR has initiated the program Contact Organizations for Civil Society for the implementation of the Strategy for Poverty Reduction in Serbia, which should contribute to the development of a mechanism of communication and cooperation between governmental and non-governmental sectors, to facilitate the definition of recommendations and opinions of a wider civil society, and to contribute to civil society organizations (CSOs) in key processes linked to the SPR implementation in the Government (policy development, program implementation, monitoring and reporting). Autonomous Women's Center is a Civil Society organization who’s focal point are women.

Seven Contact organizations for Civil Society (Citizens' Initiative - target group youth, Autonomous Women's Center - target group women, The Power of Friendship - Amity - target group elderly, Society for the Protection and Promotion of Mental Health in Children and Youth - the target group children, Centre for Independent Living - target group persons with disabilities, Group 484 - target group refugees and displaced persons, Roma information center - target group Roma people) prepared the proposal for the Government of the Republic of Serbia for institutionalization of cooperation with civil society.

The whole document available in Serbian language here.

Meeting on "Drafts of specifications of services and minimum standards for the first group of priority of social protection" was organized within the project Support for the implementation of the Strategy for Social Protection to support the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy on defining and developing structural and functional service standards in the field of social protection.

During the meeting of the representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Deputy Prime Minister Team for implementation of the Strategy for Poverty Reduction and Civil Society Contact, held on 20th of February, the proposals for the improvement of gender policy in education were presented.

The whole document available in Serbian language here.