azc sThe Autonomous Women's Centre addressed the Ministry of Family Care and Demography, as well as the Protector of Citizens regarding the accident in Obrenovac in which two girls died. Information available to the public indicates that the responsibility, regardless of possible systemic omissions, i.e., lack of systemic support to poor and single mothers with children of preschool and early school age, is transferred exclusively to the mother of the killed girls.

A series of investigative texts by journalist Jelena Jindra entitled The System for the Protection or Abuse of Children? published from July to September 2021 on the portal of H-Alter (Association for Independent Media Culture) from Zagreb, drew great and attention and caused a lot of controversies among the general and professional public about the scientifically unfounded notion of "parental alienation". This term, which in Croatia, but also in the whole world, is very popular among experts for the protection of children in the health, judicial and social protection system, has also been propagated in Serbia in recent years by prof. Dr Gordana Buljan Flander, through "educational sessions on alienation" which she held not only in Serbia, but also in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

4 ecdv ljubljana sRepresentatives of the Autonomous Women's Centre participated in the 4th European Conference on Domestic Violence, 13-15 September 2021, organized online in Ljubljana (Slovenia). More than 400 presentations on a large number of relevant topics and in various working formats were presented at this conference, and more than 650 representatives of the academic community, civil society organizations and experts took part. Representatives of AWC had three announcements, and one was a member of the Scientific Committee of this conference.

azc sDuring the previous weekend, another woman was killed in a family-partner context. The media reported that after the divorce and numerous unsuccessful persuasions to return to him, the perpetrator shot and killed the woman at her workplace in Bor. It was also written that the environment of the victim and the perpetrator testified that he was "of quick-tempered nature, but that it could not have been foreseen that he would kill her." Couldn't such an outcome really be expected in this case?

Protocol online consultations sAutonomous Women’s Center in partnership with Kosovo Women’s Network has developed the  Protocol for Psychosocial Counselling via Online Applications. Considering that the pandemic crisis has increased the rate of violence against women at regional and global level and aggravated the access to support services, the main goal of one year lasting project is to improve the accessibility of women who survived violence to the support services.

infographic 2020For the ninth time, the Autonomous Women's Center presents a report on independent monitoring of the implementation of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence in Serbia for the period January-December 2020, which also contains comparative data from the previous year. There are still no consolidated, publicly available, official reports on the application of the Law, and the lack of a central electronic record on the application of the Law makes it difficult to monitor it comprehensively and fosters inconsistent and incomparable data from different sources. The ninth independent report was prepared by Tanja Ignjatović.

akcija trg republike beogradOn the occasion of June 19, the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts, the Autonomous Women's Center participated in numerous activities aimed at raising awareness of the situation of victims of sexual violence in wars and fostering policies of remembrance, solidarity and responsibility.

prirucnik za nastavnice nastavnikeThe aim of this International Conference was to open up space for discussion on different approaches and good practices in the field of prevention and fight against digital sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), as well as to encourage exchange of experiences and connecting teachers around this topic.

preugovorThe Autonomous Women's Center, as a member of the prEUgovor coalition, submitted proposals to the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Procedure, after it gave up commenting on the provisions on which an agreement was reached between the Ministry of Justice and the Serbian Bar Association. The comments were prepared by lawyer Vanja Macanović.

golubOrganized by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, in the presence of representatives of other competent Ministries, as well as a large number of civil society organizations and other relevant actors, a social dialogue on the social protection system was realized, in which the Autonomous Women's Center participated.