Zombiana - Revolution, While I Smell Really NiceIn late May the cultural institution “Parobrod” hosted artist, illustrator, and feminist Andrijana Vesovic, better known as Zombiana. As part of her exhibit titled “Revolution, While I Smell Nice” she also organized an auction of her works and donated all of the proceeds to the Autonomous Women’s Center.

The exhibit showed 70 of Zombiana’s works, which all focused on the topic of “woman – from hairpins to women’s rights”. Journalist Iva Paradanin was in charge of the auction and it went by in a joyous atmosphere with many people bidding on the art work.

“The donated money will be directed to the needs of women who turn to AWC, for food, hygiene, medical expenses, and other expenses that the women cannot pay for themselves when they are living in violence or face other problems”, Anja Zecevic, an AWC Coordinator, said at the opening. “These type of donation, cooperation with other organizations, companies and public figures are very important to us so that we could meet the needs of women who turn to us for help. Andrijana is an important ally in the feminist movement, and her work and advocacy show the importance of women’s solidarity” Anja added.

The auction produced a total of 287 125 dinars.

The Autonomous Women’s Center is grateful to Zombiana, and all others who took part in the auction, for their support and confidence in our work.

Zombiana - Revolution, While I Smell Really Nice
Zombiana - Revolution, While I Smell Really Nice