pomoc postoji„The idea came up last year, after a couple of incidence of violence against women which happened to end fatally. I thought of how the paper stuck to female hygiene pads could be the ideal place for the SOS Helpline number, which helps women leave the abusive situations, since this is what every women sees as soon as she opens the package. Honestly, the inside of a pad is one of the women’s-only ´territories´ which are safe from men´s looks. This way a pad can be used as a form of media, which is basically in every purse and bathroom to be found, which carries important information only meant to be for women’s eyes“, says Svetlana Ćopić, the founder of the idea that the SOS Helpline number of the Autonomous Women’s Centre should be printed inside the pad package.

This idea, with the support of the company Drenik ND that manufactures Boni and Feel Fine hygienic inserts, was carried out in the course of the last year and we are grateful to them. Gratitude, however, we owe primarily to Svetlana Ćopić for the initiative, persistence and mediation with the company, as well as her agency No Agency, which implemented this campaign.

No Agency is a network of internationally acclaimed creators gathered with the desire to realize outstanding ideas that change brands, culture and society for the better. However, the No Agency is based on the values ​​of freedom, cooperation and equality, and acts outside the official agency system as a new way of organizing creative work. The creative team consists of the author Svetlana Ćopić and the designer Lana Sandić.

Because of their effort alone, information on support was spread and has come to many women who experience violence, and some of them have already called the SOS number through which they were provided with information about support and encouragement to escape from the violence and find alternatives.