Preparing future professionals for the understanding of gender-based violence

The project "Start from yourself" began in 2006 in response to the need for young people - future professionals to already at the university familiarize themselves with the problems of gender-based violence, considering that this issue is not taught within the regular school system.

The project aims to provide adequate health care, treatment and intervention for women victims of violence in partner relationships, in order to influence the reduction of the phenomenon and recognize the impact of violence on women's health in Serbia.

Cooperation with judicial institutions in prevention and protection from domestic violence

The main objective of the project: Raising awareness of judicial and relevant government institutions to develop effective prevention strategies and measures to protect victims of domestic violence, and the development of local networks to combat domestic violence.

In June 2006, the Autonomous Women's Center has started implementation of the project "Let’s bond the community - encouraging actions of local government, public services and non-governmental organizations in building a model of coordinated action in the field of domestic violence." The aim of the project is to contribute to developing a sustainable model of social intervention and the establishment of coordinated actions of all institutions, individuals and organizations in the field of domestic violence at the local level. This project is supported by the Holland organization HIVOS.

The project contributes to primary health care workers in defining their active role in this issue, through the identification, documentation and comprehensive access to adequate intervention, suppression and prevention of violence in general, and in particular of partner violence. The project has contributed to a better understanding of the problem of violence against women, the need for a holistic access to interventions provided to women victims of male violence and the necessity of introducing a single mode and standards in documenting the health consequences of violence.

Within the program of development of good practices in the field of domestic violence, in April 2006 AWC started the project "Start from yourself" which is intended to inform young people about gender-based violence.

The project is part of the regional program "Combating Gender-Based Violence in the Western Balkans", which is implemented in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The aim of the project "Start from yourself" is a contribution to the establishment of effective ways of prevention and protection of young people from gender-based violence (in a partner relationship, family and institutions). Project activities are financially supported by CARE BiH.

Cooperation with institutions in the establishment of mechanisms for monitoring and intervention in domestic violence

Project For a life without fear II was implemented in 2005 in all 16 Belgrade municipalities in cooperation with the City Center for Social Welfare Belgrade and the Secretariat of Internal Affairs of Belgrade. The participants of the project were 225 professional workers from the Department of Social Welfare and 98 police officers. The project was implemented with financial support from DFID and HIVOS.

The project Domestic violence - whose responsibility? is designed to enable proper implementation of legislation in the field of domestic violence through coordinated action of all relevant institutions in the community, and in order to achieve an efficient and comprehensive protection from violence. It was implemented in the period from July 2005 to April 2006 in 16 departments of the City Center for Social Welfare. The project is supported by Freedom House.

The project was implemented in cooperation of Autonomous Women's Center, Women's Center Uzice, Women in Black (Belgrade) and supported by the Ministry of Health of Serbia.

The project “From good intentions to good practice - creating good practices in the work with domestic violence”, was carried out in the period from December 2003 to January 2005, in cooperation with the City Center for Social Work Belgrade and nine departments, as well as partner organizations and with financial support from the Social Innovation Fund, the Ministry of social Affairs. It is the continuation of the activities that the Autonomous Women's Centre started in 2002. with  the project “Life without fear - cooperation with institutions in the establishment of mechanisms for monitoring and intervention in the field of domestic violence”, in order to begin to build a model of coordinated actions of local communities in the prevention and resolution the problem of domestic violence. The positive results of this cooperation have conditioned its continuation, partners were directly involved in the planning and implementation of activities during the project and in the decision-making process on all amendments and supplements.