Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Initial premise of the Autonomous Women's Center is that policies, in order to fight against violence against women, at the local and national level should be consistent with international standards and good practices in this field. In accordance with the strategic goals, that the Convention of the United Nations and the Council of Europe should be implemented well by the state and that in the process of joining the European Union we must respect the human rights of women, Autonomous Women's Center consistently monitors the implementation of and advocates for a comprehensive, coherent, relevant, specific, efficient and effective national policies against violence against women.

Today, the Autonomous Women's Center sent a letter to the Public Procurement Directorate pointing to violations of the Law on Public Procurement and the Law on Social Protection by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs and the possible occurrence of harmful consequences in connection with the implementation of the Call for Proposals to the associations to establish a National SOS Helpline to support women with experience of violence.

Read the full text in Serbian here.