01 engThe scarce data on the experience of youth concerning sexual harassment, as well as media reports on these cases, point to the need for higher education institutions to ensure systematic information of employees and students about the unacceptability of such behavior, support measures for those exposed to harassment and timely institutional reaction. That protection from sexual harassment should be improved, is confirmed by over 650 requests students sent to Serbian universities through the online platform of the Autonomous Women’s Center, requesting education without harassment. 

To support students’ requests, and bearing in mind the responsibility of higher education institutions to protect students from all forms of discrimination and violence, the AWC submitted a request to all state and privately-owned universities in Serbia for ensuring greater protection of students from sexual harassments and for recommending to their faculties the adoption or amendment of existing internal regulations to improve the protection from and prevention of sexual harassment.

AWC also sent universities a model bylaw on the prevention and protection of students from sexual harassment and blackmailing, developed in the previous period.