The Women Against Violence Network and the Autonomous Women's Center strongly condemn the institutions whose omissions led to the murder of O.L. by her husband M.L. in front of the Center for Social Work in Novi Beograd and are demanding the most severe punishment for professionals in these institutions!

Based on the information obtained from the media, a series of questions are opened for the responsible institutions:

Who made the decision for a father to see his children, even in controlled conditions, if he was serving a prison sentence for child abuse? Is the right of the father to see children stronger than the right of the child to live safely and without violence?

After being sentenced to suspended sentences for violence against his wife, did the institutions receive new reports of abuse from M.L. and if so, what has been done on this issue? Have the institutions made an assessment of the security risks they are required to do? If there were any reports, whether the Coordination and Cooperation Group, which was obliged to organize meetings every 15 days from 1 June, according to the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence, also considered the case of O.L. and her children?

Has the prison where M.L. served his sentence sent to the Center for Social Work information on the date of his release? Were the protection measures of the Family Law in force on the moment when M.L. was released from prison? If not, why? Has the Center for Social Work developed an individual protection plan?

Finally, from the media we also heard that in February 2016, Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic and Director of the Police, Vladimir Rebic, promoted a driving test in the school "Pravo L" owned by M.L. at the time he was in prison for domestic violence. We wonder if the promotion of this driving school in the public could have affected the work of police officers in this case?

For all of this, we require adequate supervision and sanctions for all institutions and employees who could protect the life of O.L. and they did not do it, as well as the re-examination of the responsibility of Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic and the director of the police, Vladimir Rebic, in the concrete case.