Friday, July 10, 2020

odbijen amandman 8 12 2015Members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia have silently refused to adopt the amendment on the Law on Police regarding introduction of police authorization for removal of perpetrator from the house/home for 14 days within emergency procedure (now and here). Out of total of 170 present MPs, 150 of them did not vote at all. Amendment was submitted and explained by professor Dušan Milisavljević, MD.

Autonomous Women's Center has submitted the same amendment to the Minister of Interior earlier, during procedure of public debate on the Law on Police. Minister of Interior had also refused the proposal, explaining that suggested amendment is unconstitutional and illegal, which is not true. To remind, Convention of Council of Europe against violence against women, ratified by Serbia in 2013, in article 52 obliges states to introduce “emergency protection measures”.

Autonomous Women's Center amendment is supported by the president of the Coordination body for gender quality, Ms. Zorana Mihajlović, as well as Commissioner for gender equality, Ms. Brankica Janković. Why were members of informal, cross-party Women Parliamentary Network silent yesterday during voting on the amendment, remains unknown!

What is certain at this moment is that perpetrators remain safe in their homes, while their wives and children will have to stay (for undefined period of time) in “safe houses”, shelters and foster families.

Here you can see the media report from the session.