The Cost of Domestic Violence against Women is Serbia was calculated by the Autonomous Women's Center. Analysis includes only the cost of budget beneficiaries who operate under their respective competencies relating to combating domestic violence (direct measurable costs).

The first analysis of this kind in Serbia indicates that the minimum budget costs of violence against women, including the costs of employees of the police enforcement, the judiciary and the social welfare and health care system (but not organizational and administrative costs of these services), amounted to between RSD 204.8 and 535.9 million in 2009 (EUR 2.2 – 5.7 million).

It is estimated that the actual costs of domestic violence are several times higher including the immeasurable and hidden costs - lost economic output as a result of the disruption of employment, the human cost of pain and suffering, impaired health and the like. Thus calculated total costs for Serbian society in 2009, would have amounted to between RSD 1.6 and 4.1 billion (EUR 16.8 – 43.9 million).

Full analysis is available here.