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Belgrade, May 17, 2024. - On the occasion of May 18, the Day of Remembrance of Women Victims of Violence, the Autonomous Women's Center (AWC) presented the Femicide Memorial platform, after which the Autonomous Women's Center, Women in Black, and Women's Solidarity held a joint street action #Remember murdered women! in front of the National Assembly.  Both events were organized to remember the 406 women and girls who were killed in Serbia in the period from 2011 to 2023 in the context of family-partner or sexual violence.

The remembering of the 391 murdered women and 15 murdered girls was started with the presentation of the Femicide Memorial platform, where tables containing 12 basic anonymized data, which protect the personal data of the murdered women and girls, and which are individualized to the extent that we can remember each of them individually, are made available to the public.

pamtimo ubijene zene vanja macanovic„The data on femicide that the Autonomous Women's Center regularly collects and publishes, as well as the data from verdicts on femicide that the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) provided to the Autonomous Women's Center, were used as sources. In this way, the data on cases of murders of women and girls that were not previously published in the media were supplemented, where the perpetrators were convicted of the crime of murder or aggravated murder. Cases of murders of girls, which were not previously included in the data on femicide in Serbia, were also added," said Vanja Macanović in the Media Center.

Data on murdered women repeatedly show us that for women who live in violence, the most dangerous place is the home where they live with the perpetrator (in 222 cases, i.e. 55%) and that slightly more than half of the women were killed by their married or extramarital spouses or partners (in 211 cases, i.e. 52%). In the largest number of cases, women and girls were killed with tools (in 151 cases or 37%) and weapons (in 129 cases or 32%) or were beaten to death (in 89 cases or 22%) or strangled (in 28 cases or 7%). In 125 cases (31%) the murders were committed with a firearm, pistol, or rifle, in 4 cases (1%) with a bomb, and in 124 cases (30%) with a knife or scalpel. 117 perpetrators (30%) committed suicide immediately after the murder, and 44 (11%) attempted suicide.

„Today we presented the first phase of the Femicide Memorial. In the second phase, all materials related to the history of the declaration of May 18 as the National Day of Remembrance for Women Victims of Violence, as well as its commemoration, will be available to the interested public. There will also be available research and reports of the Autonomous Women's Center on femicide, publicly published reports and recommendations of the Protector of Citizens in which the failures of representatives of institutions were identified, as well as all initiatives of the Autonomous Women's Center aimed at determining the responsibility of representatives of institutions in cases of murders of women and girls in Serbia.  As in at least 106 cases (26%) the violence was previously reported to the institutions, the memorial aims to remind of the failures of the representatives of the institutions who did not protect the lives of women when they reported the violence", added Vanja Macanović.

Referring to yesterday's murder of a woman in New Belgrade, Vanja Macanović pointed out that the number of murdered women who previously reported violence (in at least 5 out of 9 cases) is worrying and that this murder, as well as the latest case of attempted murder in Valjevo, show privileged treatment judges and prosecutors have towards perpetrators of violence against women by neglecting the risk in which women victims of violence find themselves. She asked the media not to write that emergency measures or any other measures imposed on perpetrators of violence are to blame for the murder but to return responsibility to those representatives of competent institutions who believe that dangerous perpetrators of violence are stopped by mild measures.

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Considering that even this year the High Council of the Judiciary and the High Council of the Prosecution did not find that there were reasons to review the actions of judges and prosecutors in previously reported and prosecuted cases, standing in front of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia we reminded the deputies of the initiatives:

  • to amend the Law on Judges and the Law on Public Prosecutions by introducing a provision according to which the action or inaction of the judge/prosecutor that led to the death or serious injury of the victim or witness will be considered a more serious disciplinary offense;
  • to organize a public hearing regarding the case of the murder of a woman in Pirot in March 2023;
  • to establish a National Mechanism (body) for monitoring and analyzing cases of femicide.

We hope that this convocation of the National Assembly will consider and support these initiatives.

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We remember the murdered women! Let's not allow another woman in Serbia to be killed because of the wrong action or inaction of the competent institutions!