As part of the prevention program "I can choose to say NO - Love is not violence!", the Autonomous Women's Center, together with a team of peer educators, prepared and launched new workshops for young women called "Pornography & Youth Partnerships". In the previous period, 40 girls aged 15 to 26 attended online workshops, and the workshops will continue next year.

During the workshops, a safe women's space was provided during which the peer educators discussed with the participants different views of pornography, who are the women in pornography, who is the audience, what pornographic content shows and how it affects viewers, especially in the domain of influence to emotional and sexual relationships. Listening to the needs of the participants, time is devoted to the topic of self-respect and love for one's own body, given that pornography often negatively affects self-image, especially when it comes to young girls.

Here are some of the impressions of workshop participants:

I would recommend it (the workshop, ed.) to all girls because they can learn a lot from this workshop, they can see that they are not alone, that it is okay not to settle for less than what they want and deserve, hear other people's opinions and advice and all that from wonderful women and girls.
I would recommend it to every friend, especially those who have some doubts about this topic, and especially if they are in a relationship. It helped me a lot to become aware of some things, which will help me in the future and not only for this topic but also for things related to ourselves and our self-confidence and assertiveness, our judgment and our instincts. The creator designed the workshop really well, at the beginning there is information that we should know in order to get informed, and the second part is interactive, which is great, because we had the opportunity to hear different experiences, attitudes and opinions. 💜
The workshop broadened my knowledge and enabled me to look at pornography from different aspects, as well as to understand what pornography actually is. The workshop encouraged me to be able to demand a partner relationship that is completely devoid of pornography because I don't like it. That's why I believe that every young woman should be part of a project like this that allows her to express her deepest thoughts and feel good enough despite all the expectations of society.