Bearing in mind the exceptional success of the mediation program in the employment of women who have experienced violence, in the implementation of the Second Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, the departments of the City Social Welfare Center in Čukarica, Rakovica, Voždovac and Grocka, as well as the branches of the National Employment Service from the same municipalities, with the support of the Autonomous Women's Center, the Coordinator for gender-based violence in the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office organized a meeting with representatives of the City Social Welfare Center, the National Employment Service, AWC and coordinators for domestic violence in all basic public prosecutor's offices in the area of ​​actual and local jurisdiction of the HPPO in Belgrade.

At the meeting, at the initiative of the coordinator, it was agreed that as of January 2023, the implementation of the employment program for victims of domestic violence will begin in the territory of all 17 municipalities in Belgrade with the aim of their economic empowerment. The aim of this activity is to provide support in employment and economic empowerment to women who have experienced domestic violence, who are economically dependent, cannot get a job or who have been forbidden to work by violent spouses or partners, so that they can more easily get out of violent situations.

In the forthcoming period, guidelines will be drawn up for handling and providing support to all Groups/subgroups for coordination and cooperation, in order to facilitate and standardize the procedures in the territory of the City of Belgrade. The Autonomous Women's Center will play an active role in the development of guidelines, and will also contribute to the meetings where specific support measures and a better understanding of the needs of women who have experienced violence are planned.

The announcement of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office can be seen HERE.