golubOrganized by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, in the presence of representatives of other competent Ministries, as well as a large number of civil society organizations and other relevant actors, a social dialogue on the social protection system was realized, in which the Autonomous Women's Center participated.

Danilo Ćurčić from the Initiative for Economic and Social Rights A11 spoke on behalf of the civil society organizations in his introductory address. Saša Stefanović - Network of Organizations for Children (MODS), Sarita Bradaš - Center for Democracy Foundation and Žarko Šunderić - Center for Social Policy gave presentations on the state of the social protection system from the perspective of the civil sector.

The group of civil society organizations that participated in the preparation of this dialogue also proposed the content of binding actions after the first thematic social dialogue on the social protection system. This document covered the most important issues of a systemic nature, which should be considered, harmonized and changed before introducing amendments to the Law on Social Protection and the development of a new Social Protection Strategy.

Representatives of the competent Ministries accepted part of the proposal of civil society organizations as the content of binding actions. This could be a solid basis for future changes, if the content of binding actions is applied appropriately.

You can see the proposal of civil society organizations HERE.

You can see the agreed binding actions after the meeting HERE.