41 susreti socijalnih radnikaAt the 41st Meeting of Social Workers – an academic-expert meeting with international participation, organized by the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, entitled "Solidarity in a changing world: perspectives and challenges for social work and social policy", held (online) on June 4th 2021, representatives of the Autonomous Women's Center also gave presentations.

At the panel entitled "Characteristics of a family in crisis", for which there was the greatest interest of the participants, the statement "Safe contact of children with a father who is violent towards their mother - what is the reality and what needs to be changed", whose authors are AWC members Mirjana Mitić, Dijana Malbaša and Tanja Ignjatović, was presented.

Vedrana Lacmanović and Anja Zečević, also representatives of AWC, presented their statement at the panel entitled "Social protection services response to the COVID - 19 crisis".

A collection of abstracts from this collection is available HERE.