autonomne zenske kuce sastanak

The round table discussion entitled "What are autonomous women's houses and why does Serbia not have them?" was organized by the Autonomous Women's Center and the Women's Center of Užice with the support of the Swedish organization Kvinna till Kvinna. The aim of this expert meeting was to remind the participants how an autonomous shelter for women with experience of violence was created and what the (service) autonomous women’s houses means i.e., how it differs from “safe houses” and / or shelters in the public sector, as well as to consider the conditions and obstacles for this service to be provided within specialized women's organizations, to be accessible, geographically well represented and well provided in Serbia. The gathering was attended by representatives of women's organizations from the "Women against Violence" network, social workers from the welfare centers Zlatibor, Moravica and Raška districts, as well as representatives of international organizations and other state bodies.

More about the contents of the meeting is available HERE.