ap poglavlje 19

An experts’ meeting entitled “Action Plan for Chapter 19 - Social Policy and Employment” was organized by the Autonomous Women's Center with the support of the Swedish organization Kvinna till Kvinna. The aim of this meeting is to improve the awareness of representatives of women's organizations from the network "Women  Against Violence" on the main elements of the AP for Chapter 19 to conduct a critical analysis of its content, as well as to consider the possibility of involving women's organizations in implementing and monitoring the activities of the AP for Chapter 19 and enhancing the gender dimensions of future legal and strategic changes.

The content of the AP for Chapter 19 was introduced to the participants by Ivan Sekulović, lawyer, independent expert, associate of the Center for Democracy Foundation (former director of the Government Team for Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion).

The key topics discussed were Labor Law and social dialogue; safety and health at work; employment policy; European Social Fund; social inclusion and social protection; anti-discrimination and equality of women and men in employment and social protection. The participants’ questions, exchange of experiences and discussions were directed at strengthening internal resources, but also connecting women's organizations with civil society organizations that specialize in this topic, trade unions - especially sections of women and youth, and organizations within the National Convention for the European Union.

The Screening Report for Chapter 19 is available HERE.

The Action Plan for Chapter 19 is available HERE.

The EC Report on Serbia for 2020 is available HERE.

The AWC analysis “Social Policy in Serbia – Gender Perspective” is available HERE.