Autonomous Women's Center requires immediate withdrawal of the song "Big Wedding" performed by Bora Dugic and Balkubano from the Beovision 2020 competition from all platforms of Radio Television of Serbia where the song is published, because of promotion of violence against women.

The Autonomous Women's Center finds it intolerable to give public space and promote songs that explicitly calls for the murder of a woman who said "no"; a text that promotes the idea that a woman should be "mine or nobody’s" and falsely states that the situation in the song describes a feeling of love.

This is not the first nor the only song in popular culture that promotes violence against women, and we believe it is highly important to stop the promotion of such values, especially if it reaches media coverage on all platforms of public service of Serbia.

We remind the public that every year in Serbia between 30 and 40 women are killed in domestic or intimate partner violence, and that this situation will not change until all actors in society take responsibility for preventing violence against women and its promotion.