azc astraOn the day the debate on the Draft Law on the Establishment of the Facts on the Status of Newborn Children Suspected to have Disappeared from a Maternity Ward in the Republic of Serbia, the so-called "Missing Baby Act", the Autonomous Women's Center and ASTRA - Action Against Trafficking in Persons urge MPs to show their independence and solidarity with the mothers of the missing babies and vote against the passage of this law.

The Autonomous Women’s Centre and ASTRA believe that female MPs, after adopting amendments to the electoral law according to which in the next convocation will be 40% of the less represented gender, owe it to the women in Serbia to have the strength and will to vote contrary to the will of the political parties to which they belong. We recall that in this Assembly, MPs voted in favor of a large number of laws that worsened the existing situation of women and children in Serbia, among which the most significant damage was done by the Law on Financial Support to Families with Children.

If passed, the Missing Babies Act will forever prevent mothers whose children have been abducted from the maternity ward to find out the truth about what happened to their children.

We therefore appeal to the MPs, members of the Women's Parliamentary Network, to be united and be the voice of women who have been raped in the war, against the proposed Law.