ne diskriminirajFoto: ОБСЕ/Силке Тител

Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs, which in February 2019 without public debate submitted to the National Assembly Amendments to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination after the reaction of the Coalition Against Discrimination and the organizations that supported the request to withdraw the proposal (among which was also the Autonomous Women's Center), however, had to open a public debate on the Draft. This prevented obvious violation of the provisions of the Law on Planning System of the Republic of Serbia by the competent ministry.

The Autonomous Women's Center has commented on the Draft Law on Prohibition of Discrimination. It was stated, inter alia, that the proposed amendments, and in particular the amendment of Art. 18, are not in conformity with Directive 2000/43/EC and Directive 2000/78/ EC, although it was presented like that, and that the provisions of those Directives are misinterpreted.

It was suggested that Art. 17 should be expanded with the paragraph 3, which would unequivocally prohibit discrimination in the field of advertising and informing, both for legal entities that create, as well as for those who publish advertising content and messages, or transmit information, or who concede space to publish this content and information.

It is also stated that we believe that individual articles need to be specified in order to prevent their misinterpretation by the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

The comments provided by the AWC can be seen in Serbian here.

The request for withdrawal of the Amendments to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination can be seen here.