ne vreme za zene

The Autonomous Women’s Center, ASTRA and Women in Black, in cooperation with BeFem, have started a campaign to promote the concluding observations of the UN CEDAW Committee. To point out the inappropriate approach of the state toward women’s rights, especially toward the CEDAW Committee’s concluding observations concerning the elimination of all forms of discrimination of women and ensuring the enjoyment of rights, we have prepared a series of video clips and visuals with relevant data. You can check the weather forecast for the lives of women in Serbia in the following days and weeks at our FB page or our Youtube channel. ?⛈?

This February, Serbia presented its fourth periodic report on the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The shadow report titled “Dark Clouds Over Serbia”, prepared by the Autonomous Women, ASTRA and Women in Black, describes the main problems in the achievement of the human rights of women and the inappropriate attitude of the state to internationally accepted obligations.  

In the campaign titled “Bad Weather for Women in Serbia”, a series of video clips and visuals have been prepared about stereotypes concerning women, violence against women, trafficking in women, education, women’s health and the national gender equality mechanism, to describe some of the key problems, as well as relevant observations of the CEDAW Committee.  

The state report and the report by the coalition of AWC, ASTRA and WIB, as well as the UN CEDAW concluding observations can be viewed here.