eapThe European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) issued a statement on the concepts of "Parent Alienation Syndrome" (PAS) and "Parental Alienation" (PA). The EAP believes that these concepts are not suitable for use in any psychotherapeutic practice because of the high risk of possibility being abused in situations of violence against children and their mothers, in a way that would deny or leave violence undetected. In cases of allegations of abuse of children, divorce and the situation of trusting children, one of the basic assumptions of PAS / PA is that the statements of the child or parents are untrue, which can contribute to further victimization or pathology of children and other victims of domestic violence. The statement says that psychotherapists should not use any of these entities, either "parental alienation syndrome" or "parental alienation" as a diagnostic category since they are not included in the international classification of mental disorders (DSM and ICD).

It also cites the EAP's belief that all therapists need to take seriously all reports of violence in divorce and trusting of children situations, to distinguish between divorce and separation, problems of divorce and domestic violence, in order to adjust the therapeutic intervention accordingly. This requires consideration of each individual case and cooperation between professionals in the field of legal and social protection, in accordance with the general standards of international and national laws and documents, concerning the protection of the best interests of the child and the protection of victims of domestic violence.