Monday, August 03, 2020

preugovor 13 04

The prEUgovor Coalition presented the latest independent report on Serbia's progress in implementing policies in the areas covered by chapters 23 and 24 of the European integration, as well as an assessment of the approach of the Government of Serbia and the European Union to reforms in the field of the rule of law.

Following the launch of the new EU Enlargement Strategy in the Western Balkans, which announced the possible date of Serbia's membership in the EU and a number of new initiatives to improve the rule of law and security in the region, and shortly before the European Commission published a Report on Serbia, the prEUgovor Coalition presents recommendations for further reforms in key areas of the rule of law. The proposals of the prEUgovor Coalition are based on insights gained through monitoring reforms in the areas of justice and fundamental rights (Chapter 23) and justice, freedom and security (Chapter 24).

The main issue that the prEUgovor Coalition opened at the press conference on the 13th of April was whether the proposed changes will substantially improve the rule of law or it is necessary to supplement the existing approach to negotiations in this area.