The #MeToo campaign has done more for women than all the laws of this world
K. MacKinnon

azcThe Autonomous Women's Center is expressing concern about a number of louder and louder public commentaries that relativizes sexual violence, either in the form of not believing a woman who had survived it, or in terms of reducing her experience and justifying the perpetrators.

The verdict of a part of the public in this, as well as in many other cases of sexual violence, has already been given in advance - the woman has, through her behavior, appearance, wardrobe, provoked the perpetrator and the only "victim" of the whole act is the perpetrator whose reputation and honesty are impaired by her false or possibly exaggerated statement.

The other part of the public calls on the woman to report violence, believing that her statement isn’t serious unless she starts a formal proceeding against him. Sexual violence is the least reported crime because of prejudice, difficulty of proving, lengthy and expulsive procedures, as well as the ever-present stigma against the victims. Even if it hasn’t been proven, it doesn’t mean that it did not happen. If we want to change that and for women to start trusting the institutions, the public is the one who must first trust women.

We remind that laws are a dead letter on paper unless we create a culture that requires their application, that is, consciousness that is not part of rape culture. It is the only role that the public should have.