Donator: L’Oreal Fund for Women

Duration of the project: October 2022-October 2023

Project goals and activities:

Through regular AWC activities, provision of basic services - psychosocial support via SOS telephone and individual consultations, as well as legal assistance in the form of writing submissions and providing legal advice, women are empowered and receive information on how to achieve their rights and achieve economic independence. In addition to regular support, AWC prioritizes and develops economic empowerment services so that women can gain economic independence, which is an important factor for getting out of a violent relationship. Economic empowerment services include information assistance (through video material, direct consultations with women who have experienced violence) to achieve the right to some material assistance, information on labour rights and how to protect yourself from mobbing, providing urgent financial assistance for women who have survived violence, information and guidance to other service providers and organization of personal development training.