Donator: Avon Foundation Fund

Duration of the project: May 2022- May 2023

Project goals:

The project aimed to reduce economic dependence, which is a predominant reason why women with the experience of violence endure violent relationships. Assisting women with the experience of violence to achieve economic independence through the improvement i.e., acquisition of new skills, knowledge, and active participation in the labor market, with AWC continued support and contribution to changes in local employment policies.

Basic information about the project:

Development of women's skills and knowledge through the collection of information on the specific needs of women; information, guidance and mediation, support for women through regular AWC services.

Strengthening the economic empowerment program, as a new AWC service, such as the creation of informative materials for women, preparation and implementation of specific trainings, collection and production of new materials, development of internal capacities for the establishment of a new service; disseminating information about services through the AWC website.

Establishing and developing cooperation with relevant organizations and institutions: meeting to present data on specific needs of survivors in terms of economic empowerment and employment; preparation of guidelines and instructions for interested parties; evaluation meeting, conclusions, and proposals to decision makers.