Donor: The Balkan Trust for Democracy

Project duration: July 2020 – July 2021

Project goal: Protection of women survivors of violence through their empowerment and improved accessibility of support services during and in the period of recovery of COVID pandemic

Basic information about the project and main activities:

Project is aimed to provide support services to women survivors of violence from Kosovo and Serbia, which include providing free legal aid, support in exercising women’s financial and social rights, self-help group sessions, financial support in order to help them cover necessary administrative and court’s expenses and providing emergency aid to women accommodated at Kosovo shelters.

One of the main activities of the project is the development of standards for providing services during and after the covid19 pandemic that caused a shift towards services being offered remotely and via internet platforms.

Online support protocols will also be developed with a particular focus on protecting physical and digital security of women who survived violence. The developed platforms and standards will be shared with and distributed to women’s CSOs in Kosovo, Serbia and the Balkan region, that also provide direct support for women who survived violence. The aim is to improve these organisations' capacities and the quality of support services provided remotely and online.