Donor: AVON

Project duration: January – June 2019

Project goals: The long-term goal is to increase the experience of safety of young women from gender-based violence. Specific goals are 1) increasing the knowledge of secondary school pupils and encourage local activism of young women and men that contributes to the visibility of this problem and changes in attitudes and prejudice and 2) improving the response of education institutions to gender-based violence.

General information about the project: Based on our previous results and experiences in the field of prevention, activities include the implementation of a three-day girl empowerment and networking camp for 60 participants from different cities of Serbia. This activity aims to increase girls’ awareness and knowledge about different aspects of the lives of women, but seeks also to contribute to building local resources for future actions addressing discrimination, gender equality and violence against women. In addition to this, activities encompass the implementation of trainings for youth on gender-based violence in partner relationships in four secondary schools, as well as trainings for representatives of four schools on the role of education institutions in protection from gender-based and domestic violence.