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Plakat kampanje 2005.CAMPAIGN 16 days of activism against violence against women, organized by Autonomous Women's Centre and the Network of SOS telephones, with the support of Women at Work and Reconstruction Women's Fund, under the slogan Red card for perpetrators - Protective measures against domestic violence exist! was organized in 50 cities in Serbia. During the campaign we distributed 2,000 posters, 50,000 pamphlets and broadcasted TV spot and radio jingle in the 98 media. In Belgrade, we obtained media sponsorship from six televisions and 10 radio stations for broadcasting video and jingles and 15 print media for advertisement. To the success of the campaign also contributed artists from ACT Women, who performed a street performance in 8 cities in Serbia. In the context of Campaign Voice of differences in cooperation with women's groups organized a public discussion with representatives of institutions in 5 towns.

Family Act of the Republic of Serbia

Domestic violence
Article 197

(1) Domestic violence, in terms of this Act, is the behavior by which one family member endangers the physical integrity, mental health or tranquility of another family member.

(2) Domestic violence, in terms of paragraph 1 of this Act, is in particular:

  1. inflicting or attempting to inflict a bodily injury;
  2. incitement of fear by threatening to murder or inflict a bodily injury to a member of the family or another person close to him/her;
  3. forcing to sexual intercourse;
  4. abetting to sexual intercourse or sexual intercourse with a person who has not reached fourteen years of age or an incapable person;
  5. restricting of freedom of movement or communication with other persons;
  6. insulting, as well as any other insolent, unscrupulous or malevolent behavior.

(3) Members of the family, in terms of paragraph 1 of this Act, are:

  1. spouses or former spouses;
  2. children, parents and other blood relatives, in-law or adoptive relatives, and persons related by foster care;
  3. persons who live or have lived in the same family household;
  4. cohabitees or former cohabitees;
  5. persons who have been or still are in a mutual emotional or sexual relation, or have a common child, or the child is to be born, although they have never lived in the same family household.

Protective Measures
Article 198

(1) A court may order one or more protective measures against domestic violence pertaining to a family member who acts violently, temporarily prohibiting or limiting the maintenance of his/her personal relations with another family member. 

(2) Protective measures against domestic violence are:

  1. the issuance of a warrant for eviction from a family apartment or house, regardless of a right to property or a lease to immovable property;
  2. the issuance of a warrant for moving into a family apartment or house, regardless of a right to property or a lease to immovable property;
  3. prohibition of getting closer to a family member than a certain distance;
  4. prohibition of access to the vicinity of the place of residence or workplace of a family member;
  5. prohibition of further molestation of a family member.

A protective measure against domestic violence may not last longer than one year. A protective measure against domestic violence may be prolonged until the reasons for which it had been ordered cease to exist.

The lawsuit for determining protection measures against domestic violence, as well as for the extension of measures for the protection from domestic violence can submit: a family member to whom violence is committed, his legal representative, the public prosecutor and the guardianship body.

The procedure in the dispute for protection against domestic violence is particularly urgent.

Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia, Article 194:

Whoever violates a measure against domestic violence that was imposed on them by the court in accordance with the law shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to three years and a fine.