At the round table organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Autonomous Women's Center presented the comments on the second draft of the Regulations on minimum standards for the provision of advisory-therapeutic and socio-educational services in social protection. With these comments we wanted to draw the attention of the Working Group on two basic lack, in whole and in parts, for which the document was unacceptable to AWC and other women's organizations that provide services to women with experience of violence.

Last year the Autonomous Women's Center and the Women Against Violence Network (which brings together 27 organizations that provide services to women survivors of violence) sent their comments on the first draft Regulation, indicating the existence of systematic inconsistencies and omissions that cannot be corrected with the amendments to the individual articles, and proposed that the Working group fundamentally rearrange the Draft Regulation in accordance with the provisions of the Law on social protection and other relevant regulations, laws and rules of the profession, taking into account the work of the organizations of civil society in the field of social services so the Regulation would meet the needs of diverse and special multi-marginalized social groups.