Once more today, member of the Parliament, professor Dušan Milisavljević, MD has submitted amendments on the Law on Police, related to police authorization to issue “emergency protection measures” from domestic violence.

He reminded MPs that it is not appropriate that women and children leave home and stay in “Safe houses” due to violence, stating data that confirm inefficiency of existing protection. He has emphasized that suggested solution is in accordance with Convention of Council of Europe against violence against women and domestic violence, ratified by the Republic of Serbia in October 2013.

Amendments anticipate that perpetrator is removed from the house/home for 14 days, disregarding the fact whether woman (or family member) asks or supports such measure. In this way safety of victims of domestic violence is directly protected (“now and here”), and the state sends undoubted message to perpetrators that violence is not tolerated.

Reminding that in this year 33 women are killed by partners or male family members, he payed respect to killed women with the moment of silence. The proposal of member of the Parliament, professor Dušan Milisavljević, MD has not been adopted for the second time. Although there were no votes against or abstained, 120 members of the Parliament did not vote!

You can see media report form the session here.