ueps2017At the celebration of its 57th birthday, the Association for Market Communications of Serbia honored the best marketing creators of 2017, and the Traces campaign made by the agency Publicis One - Leo Burnett with the Autonomous Women's Center received two silver awards - in the category for outdoor campaigns and in the category for socially responsible campaigns in the non-profit sector.

Tamara Grujić, the RTS anchorwoman who handed out awards in the category for socially responsible campaigns, congratulated all the winners and said that, in the spirit of the recognition she’s handing out, she must point out that we live in liberal capitalism and that it’s important to encourage the corporate sector to invest in socially responsible ideas.

The Autonomous Women's Center thanks the UEPS for the awards, and above all thanks the Publicis one - Leo Burnett team who designed the Traces campaign and the Alma Quatro Company, which supported its visibility.

A list of all awards granted is available on the UEPS website.