ostvareni napredak i nedostaciThe Compliance Study of the Criminal code of the Republic of Serbia with the binding standards of the Convention is guided by the importance of the existence of an adequate legal framework in the area of criminal substantive law, especially after the amendments to the Criminal code, adopted in November 2016. The aim of the Study is to point out the most important changes resulting from the adoption of these amendments to the Criminal code, the degree of compliance with the existing obligations assumed by the ratification of the Convention, and in particular the key segments of criminal justice protection that continue to deviate from the Convention's standards whether due to inadequate changes or whichever changes to the law.

"Therefore, the conclusion of the Study is that the amendments to the Criminal code from 2016 brought only partial progress, that compliance with the provisions of the Convention can not be regarded as complete, that the fulfillment of these obligations must be systematically and comprehensively addressed."

"For the above reasons, the Conclusion of the implementation Action plan for Chapter 23 (Report 4/2016) that the activity of harmonization of the Criminal code with the provisions of the Convention has been fully implemented can not be accepted".

You can download the text of the study in English here.