min omladine i sportaOn 26.12, representatives of the Autonomous Women's Center took part at the consultative meeting of the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the preparation of the Action plan for the implementation of the National Strategy for Youth for the 2018-2020 period, for the areas of health and well-being, and the safety of young people. The meeting was attended by non-governmental organizations representing interests, gathering or conducting activities for young people.

The evaluation of the implementation of the Action plan of the National Strategy for the 2015-2017 period in the given areas was discussed and recommendations were given regarding the activities, measures and indicators for the action plan for the 2018-2020 period.

Representatives of the Autonomous Women's Center presented their experiences in the project "Zero Tolerance on Gender-Based Violence" aimed at preventing gender-based violence in partner relationships between young people, which is a problem that is recognized in this strategy. They emphasized that it is necessary to define gender-sensitive indicators for effective measurement of the effects of the implemented activities and measures of the Action plan, which would enable identification and monitoring of specific challenges and needs for young women and men. Based on previous work with young people, field experiences and data on gender-based violence in schools in Serbia, representatives of AWC emphasized the need for youth information and awareness raising activities to focus on changing values ​​and developing critical attitudes towards violence, especially to empower young women. Through the Action plan, it is further necessary to support the link between educational institutions, institutions responsible for dealing with cases of violence and specialized women's NGOs, in order to contribute to strengthening the coordinated response of the community to violence. The Action plan would also be important to support continuous data collection and research on gender-based violence among young people, including digital gender-based violence, perceptions of the safety of young women and men, and the specific security risks to which they are exposed.