We believe that a life without violence is a basic human right and accordingly we provide specialist support to women and encourage individual and institutional response to male violence against women, contributing to strengthening of the civil society.

AWC Goals

  • Empowerment of women in overcoming trauma caused by domestic violence, partnership violence and/or sexual violence (male violence against women), through psychological and professional legal support, so they could make autonomous decisions and enjoy their right on life without violence
  • Sensitizing and education of professionals in institutions on violence against women, women’s human rights and institutional procedures for protection from domestic violenc
  • Prevention of all forms of violence against women
  • Promotion of women’s human rights on individual, legal and institutional level
  • Active decrease of multiple discrimination of women (Roma women, women with disabilities, women with psychological disorders, history of psychiatric and/or prison institutions, refugees, foreigners, rural women, women without residence, lesbians, women living in poverty, unemployed, older women etc)
  • Active empowerment of women’s organizations which provide direct support to women with trauma of male violence, through educations for consultative work
  • Spreading the network of women’s organizations working in the field of violence against women in the State
  • Establishment of cooperation with women’s groups from the region, Europe and the world
  • Active encouragement of civil society development through strengthening the autonomy of women, and support women to decide independently about themselves and social and political conditions in which they live
  • Improving relations between women and man through sensitization of young people to value non-violence and gender equality

AWC Principles

  • Supporting every woman's right to make choice
  • Respect for diversity ethics and opposing to all forms of discrimination (based on gender, mental and physical abilities, race, class, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation or any kind of personal characteristics)
  • Developing solidarity among women
  • Respect for confidentiality and privacy of clients’ data
  • Transparency in the work
  • Responsibility in the work
  • Non-violent communication and non-violent conflict resolution
  • Feminist ethic of care
  • Affirmative action

Diversity Ethics

Autonomous Women's Center works with women of all nationalities, political convictions, races, religions, sexual orientation, mental or physical abilities or any kind of diversity.


  • Preventive, informative and educational activities for women and public in general
  • Consultative activities for women with trauma of male violence, interventions in situations of crisis, psychological support for overcoming the trauma of violence and legal support for enjoying the right on life without violence
  • SOS phone service for psychological support, legal information and consultations, informing in the field of social protection, informing on other sources of support and community services
  • Independent representation of beneficiaries in institutions and judicial and administrative proceedings
  • Independent monitoring and evaluation: public services intervention, implementation of the laws, implementation of the public policies, making reports on violence against women and domestic violence (“shadow reports”)
  • Education of representatives from nongovernmental organizations and institutions
  • Advocacy
  • Analytical and research activities
  • Publishing
  • Cooperation and exchange with women’s organizations in the state, region and the world
  • Civic and women’s activism
  • Humanitarian activities for women from all discriminated groups
  • Prevention of violence and education of young people


Activists of the Autonomous Women's Center are co-founders and/or members of the following networks:

  • European Women’s Lobby (EWL)  www.womenlobby.org - since 2010
  • Women against Violence Serbia - local network against men's violence against women www.zeneprotivnasilja.net - coordination since 1996
  • Civil Society Focal Points for Target Group Women – selected by the Deputy Prime’s Minister’s Team for the Poverty Reduction Strategy implementation - coordination since 2007
  • Network for European Women’s Lobby Serbia - co-founder in 2009
  • Regional Network against Sexual Violence – co-founder in 2007
  • Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) www.wave-network.org - co-founder in 1994
  • Member of the Observatory on Violence against Women of the European Women’s Lobby www.womenlobby.org/-ewl-observatory-on-violence - since 2005
  • Networks against men's violence against women in war - VAWW  (Violence against Women in War) and WICZNET (Women in Conflict Zone Network) www.yorku.ca/wicz/
  • OBOSTRANS (Our Bodies Ourselves) – International Network on Women’s Health www.ourbodiesourselves.org - from 1997 to 2007
  • Women's network East-West (NEWW) - from 1995 to 2005